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The fall season has arrived with winter on its way.  Hopefully we will get some rain and snow and put an end to this drought.  However, it is important to understand we are never out of fire season in Southern California.  Santa Ana winds have historically hit every month of the year except August.   We may have escaped significant wildfire damage this season but for the two residents that were burned during the Banner Fire, it was a devastating season.  We also had a few structure fires that did significant damage.  Although the wildfire threat may be lessened in the coming months, summer is just around the corner with the return of hot, dry, windy weather.  Hopefully you are always working on your defensible space and fire hardening your homes.   Also, this time of the year is when fireplaces, woodstoves are fired up again, along with your furnaces, electric and gas heaters and the threat of structure fires increase.  Please be sure your flues and chimneys are clean and serviceable.  Also, don’t forget smoke detectors, exits and escape plans for you families.

We had couple of noteworthy developments this past summer.

  1.  We completed the purchase of a new urban interface fire engine.
  2. The new fire station is still moving forward and in motion to be completed in late summer/early fall of 2015.  I realize not much is happening on the ground but that is the easy part.  Permits, bid documents, specifications are complex and time intensive.  Once you see ground being moved the hard part is over.
  3. We have our staffing up to about 30 reserve firefighters.  This allows us to have staffing at Julian most days and weekends at Cuyamaca.
  4. We had about eight new volunteers join us this past summer.
  5. We had an election with two new Fire Board members elected.
  6. Prop P did not pass by the required 2/3 voters. 
  7. Cal Fire is offering 10 million dollars in Grants for hazardous fuels reduction in areas   where the State has responsibility for wildland fires.  This is funded by the SRA prevention fee we all pay.  The JCFPD is going to pursue a Grant request for free curbside chipping in our communities.  If we are successful the JCFPD will administer the Grant and work with local contractors to provide free chipping to residents.  More to come on that.

Always feel free to drop by the Station and say hi or ask questions.  This is your fire department and we are here to meet your needs.


Chief Rick Marinelli
Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District

Zone Concept

Zone 1: 30 feet adjacent to the home

  Prune trees 6-10’ from the ground

  Trim trees that overhang the home

  Use non-flammable materials

  Remove dead vegetation

  Move firewood and propane tanks

Zone 2: 30-100 feet from the home

  Space trees 20-30’ apart

  Create “fuel breaks” like gravel walks

   Remove brush and woody debris

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