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     It’s that time of the year to start getting our yards cleaned up and weeds wacked.  The most important thing we can do as residents in the back country is to maintain defensible space around our homes, sheds and other out buildings.  We cannot rely on fire suppression agencies to save our homes during a wildfire.  There are more homes than fire engines and many times, during large fires, fire suppression agencies are overwhelmed with fire activity.

     Southern California is a fire dependent ecosystem.  Fire is a natural part of our environment and is something we have to learn to live with.  Fighting fires and fire prevention are just a couple of tools we have to deal with wildfires, but having defensible space and fire hardening our homes is just as important if not more.  Learning to live with fire by changing a few simple things can help.  Removing flammable vegetation, and building with fireproof materials will not only help your home survive a fire but will also free suppression equipment so they can attack the fire and not just provide structure protection. 

     The real issue is not “if it will burn” but when it burns.  Our entire County has burned by wildfires in the past and it will all burn again.  So you have to ask yourself - Am I part of the problem or the solution?  The solution is everyone doing their part to prepare for the next time fire enters our world, including Government agencies providing aggressive initial and extended attack of fires, extensive fire prevention programs and responsible fuels management programs on public land, and landowners doing their part by building defensible space and fire hardening our property and buildings.

     We have provided links on this website to help you get the info you need.  Also, there are links to free and low cost chipping available in the area.

Zone Concept

Zone 1: 30 feet adjacent to the home

  Prune trees 6-10’ from the ground

  Trim trees that overhang the home

  Use non-flammable materials

  Remove dead vegetation

  Move firewood and propane tanks

Zone 2: 30-100 feet from the home

  Space trees 20-30’ apart

  Create “fuel breaks” like gravel walks

   Remove brush and woody debris

Defensible space information 
Free Chipping Service

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San Diego Emergency Site 
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Wildfire Zone 
Information before during and after fire and
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Cal Fire 
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