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For Emergencies Call 911

Office Location:
2645 Farmer Rd.
Julian, CA 92036

Office: (760) 765-1510
Fax:    (760) 765-3786

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Station 56
2645 Farmer Rd.
Julian, CA 92036
(760) 765-2885

Station 57
34560 Engineers Rd.
Julian, CA 92036
(760) 765-0418

Make checks to JCFPD
Mail to:  
PO Box 33
Julian, CA 92036

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It will be two years this June that I have been your Chief.  When I started the JCFPD had some serious issues that needed to be addressed.  It was very apparent from the town hall meeting and subsequent Board meetings that the Chief position needed to be filled.  The Board accomplished that task and I started to work on the issues facing the District.

We had three huge tasks ahead of us:

  1. Renewing the ambulance contract and getting it operating in the black. -  We were successful in winning the bid with the County and awarded the contract for three years with four, one year extensions.  The County subsidy was increased and with proper oversight, the ambulance service has projected and actual surpluses each year.
  2.  Concluding the purchase of a new fire engine. – This has been accomplished and the JCFPD has taken ownership of a new engine and it is assigned to the Julian Station.
  3. Construction of the new station. – This has been a long process but the progress to date includes, both buildings designed, approved site plan and acquisition of the grading permit, and bid advertising for the grading portion of the project.  The last hurdle to overcome is financing the project.  At this point we are still searching for acceptable financing terms.  We have had financing offers but we are still searching for better terms for financing.  The Board and I are working very hard to secure acceptable financing terms in the best interest of the JCFPD and community.  We are all eager to see the new station completed but we want to ensure the community’s best interest’s are protected.  The goal is to secure a full term loan with a competitive fixed interest rate.  Once financing is secured we will award the grading contract and construction will begin.

We have balanced budgets for both, fire and ambulance and have been able to increase the level of our general reserve funds.  At this point the budget outlook is stable.  But the current revenues do not increase with inflation.  This means in the future the JCFPD may have to reduce services to stay within our income.

Emergency Medical System (EMS) calls have been steadily increasing each year. We are running about 300-500 calls annually.   This is primarily due to the increase in tourism.  The charter of the JCFPD requires us to respond to all EMS calls within the District along with the County sponsored ambulance.  This has been an increasing challenge with an all volunteer workforce.  The JCFPD has met this challenge with the help of our volunteers, reserves and an automatic aid agreement with Cal Fire.  Hopefully we can continue to meet the challenge in the future. 

I invite all of you to attend our monthly Board meetings and feel free to provide input.  This is your Fire Department and we welcome any and all input.  You can also contact one of the five Board members or me anytime.  We are here to serve the community.


Rick Marinelli



Zone Concept

Zone 1: 30 feet adjacent to the home

  Prune trees 6-10’ from the ground

  Trim trees that overhang the home

  Use non-flammable materials

  Remove dead vegetation

  Move firewood and propane tanks

Zone 2: 30-100 feet from the home

  Space trees 20-30’ apart

  Create “fuel breaks” like gravel walks

   Remove brush and woody debris

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