Julian Cuyamaca Fire 
   Protection District
District Contact Info

For Emergencies Call 911

Office Location:
2645 Farmer Rd.
Julian, CA 92036

Office: (760) 765-1510
Fax:    (760) 765-3786

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Station 56
2645 Farmer Rd.
Julian, CA 92036
(760) 765-2885

Station 57
34560 Engineers Rd.
Julian, CA 92036
(760) 765-0418

Make checks to JCFPD
Mail to:  
PO Box 33
Julian, CA 92036

Contact JCFPD


Thanks to the Community

I would like to thank you for your extra support of the Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District through your generous donations. Through the efforts of the Julian Fire Plugs and your contributions the JCFPD has raised over $30,000.  Most of those donations have been deposited in our new fire station account and will be used directly for the construction and support of the new station.

Update on the new station:  We have totally redesigned the plans for the new station.  The new plans are focused on a smaller, more efficient facility but will still meet the needs of the JCFPD.  Many cost savings changes have been made, but even with these changes, we are struggling to stay in our budget.  Our loan has been secured with a twenty year fixed rate at 3.8%.  Our maximum loan amount was 1.5M. With the loan and the funds we already have, we put our total project budget at 2.1M.  The latest estimate for the project from our architect is 2.1M.  The project is scheduled to go out to bid in February.  With the project estimate and our available funds being so close we are seeking other ways to increase our project funding.  That is why your contributions are so important.

As always, we are here to serve you and this is your fire department. You are invited to attend our monthly board meetings and provide input and keep informed on current events of the JCFPD.


Rick Marinelli



Zone Concept

Zone 1: 30 feet adjacent to the home

  Prune trees 6-10’ from the ground

  Trim trees that overhang the home

  Use non-flammable materials

  Remove dead vegetation

  Move firewood and propane tanks

Zone 2: 30-100 feet from the home

  Space trees 20-30’ apart

  Create “fuel breaks” like gravel walks

   Remove brush and woody debris

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